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The Local Offer for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) has been developed as part of the SEN reforms with service users and makes it easier to find out information about education, health and care services.  It is available at: www.mycareinbirmingham.org.uk .  It has recently been identified as an example of good practice in the national SEN Pathfinder Local Offer toolkit.  Please see below for details. Please take the time to have a look at the website and find out what is available or share your views.  

Updates to the Local Offer  

We have updated a number of pages on the website to advise parents of information for 2016/17: 

 and some new pages to assist new users on the site : 


Co-Production with Young People 

An Independent Review of the Local Offer was conducted by Young People and they contacted the service to recommend a number of changes.  For more information Click here 

Young people produced a video and leaflet  to promote the Local Offer site, this was distributed to Schools and Health service. For more information Click here  

 Forward Thinking Birmingham

Forward Thinking Birmingham (FTB) is the new provider of mental health services for people up to the age of 25 in Birmingham. It provides support, care and treatment through one organisation, making it easier for people to access the right support at the right time. Please click here for more information

Local Transition Plan

SENAR have produced a report – February 2016 - on the Local Transition Plan reporting against the transition plan published in September 2015 providing an update on how we will be transferring Statements of SEN and LDA’s (Learning Difficulty Assessments) to Education Health and Care Plans (EHC). 

 The key points include:

  • Progress against the transition plan published in September 2015 – the Recovery Plan
  • Current Position and updated Plan for 2015/16.

 Click here to see the  full report here

Market Position Statement – the development of specialist provision for Social Emotion Mental Health (SEMH) Needs

This market position statement (MPS) contains intelligence, information and analysis of benefit to current and potential providers of specialist education services for Birmingham pupils with a primary need of complex Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Needs.

 It sets out:

  •  The current provider arrangements.
  • The current and likely future demand for SEMH special school places.
  •  Pupil profile details.
  •  The requirement to enable localised provision for service delivery.
  • Our commissioning objectives including the type(s) of SEMH provision required.

 The purpose of this document is to stimulate a dialogue with a range of educational providers about the development of the specialist provider sector to meet SEMH given current demand. The ultimate aim is to broaden the continuum of provision and develop existing providers so that children and young people are enabled to achieve better outcomes. Information aims to be transparent so that colleagues can identify

what provision is required and where if necessary adapt current approaches. The MPS document does not provide BCC’s strategic vision for SEMH provision which would involve a wider debate incorporating the mainstream sector.

 Following the publication of this position paper BCC will provide more details on contract opportunities and on the mechanisms we will use to engage with providers to explore our ambitions more fully. BCC also welcomes discussions with those intending to express an interest in the development of Free Schools within the city.

 If you feel your organisation has a part to play in working with us to achieve these goals, we would very much like to hear your views, and would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to contact us at the address given below.

Click here to see the Market Position Statement

 Simon Wellman - Head of SENAR

 Email: Senar.Commissioning@birmingham.gov.uk

National Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) Survey - (POET)

Birmingham Local Authority is taking part in the national survey regarding the implementation of EHCP across the country. Parents/carers, young people and practitioners are all invited to contribute via the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET) when they have been part of developing a new EHC or a transfer. POET has been designed to capture the views of children, young people, parents/carers and practitioners in finding out about the experience of obtaining an EHC Plan.  You can complete the simple questionnaire online or on paper and they are sent anonymously to ‘In Control’ for analysis. The results of the survey will be used to monitor how we can make improvements locally and be used in a national report that will be published in Spring 2016, to help to improve the ways things are done for others across England.

The survey period has now closed and the national report is due over the coming months.  

Family Conference 5th November 2015

A family conference took place on 5th November 2015 at the Studio, Cannon Street, Birmingham. The conference was attended by over 40 people and took place during school time following feedback from parents and carers from the last conference in May.  Please click here to see the family conference report from November 2015.


Review of Education Health and Care Plan

We have launched a page which specifically deals with the Review of Education Health and Care Plans to support our statutory duty to complete a review for every child or young person with an EHC plan.

The first review must be held within 12 months of the date when the EHC plan was issued, and then within 12 months of any previous review. The school or institution will need to prepare and plan early for the review meeting and liaise with the child/young person, parents and involved agencies.

The purpose of EHC plan review is to show the progress the child/young person has made and to review the outcomes and provision. The focus is on the child/young person’s progress towards achieving the outcomes specified in the EHC plan and to consider whether the outcomes and supporting targets remain appropriate.

Full information and background documents please click here


A review of year one has been completed which has led to a new Local Transition Plan is to let you know progress against the transition plan published a year ago. It also is a revised plan for the second year for transferring statements of SEN and LDAs to Education Health and Care Plans.

In the plan there is a clear transfer process. The report also reviews and the lessons learned and the changes as well as the numbers of young people who have benefitted and the plans for the year ahead.

A letter will be sent out to schools and institutions detailing the timetable and requirements in relation to the 2015-16 Transition Plan.  To see the  Local Transition Plan: Year 2 from September 2015 please click here


We are pleased to let you know that as part of the continuous review of the SEND changes the service has identified the need for a SENAR Transitions Team to deal with the large demand.   There will be up to eight more Principal Officers focussed on this task.


We are working on improving the Local Offer all the time which has been live since September 2014.  We are currently  undertaking a review,  please  let us know what you think by visiting here


As part of being a learning organisation, we have asked for a report about the lessons learned since the implementation of the new Education Health and Care Plans in September 2014.  The first report provided progress from September to December 2014.  Click here to see the executive summary of the report

A further interim report showing progress for period January to March  2015 has been produced. Please Click here to see the report


We are pleased to let you know that the SEDP has been agreed by Cabinet members. This is the strategic approach to SEN including vision and principles to guide decision making. The SEDP covers children and young people up to the age of 25. This includes a good school or college place for every child and young person, in the right part of the city, for all types of need. It also focuses on joint planning for long term outcomes – not just when a child is 5 or 15 but when they are 25 and even 55 or older.

To see the full SEDP please click here


Since September 2014, Birmingham has made excellent progress with implementing the new EHC pathway - both for children and young people where a new request for EHC assessment has been made, and for children and young people where their statement is being replaced by an EHC Plan.   Some EHC Plans have already been completed and many others are being developed with young people, children and their parents or carers. There appears to be a high level of satisfaction with the new way of working because of the opportunities it brings for greater involvement.

“With regards to his new EHC it brought tears to my eyes!  After all we have been through to get people to understand his needs.  It was so nice to read a document about him that was positive and supporting.  I really feel that this will support him when he starts his next school.


In addition, the Local Authority supported a parent event in January run by Contact a Family and has also run its first Early Support Workshops for parents in February and March. These workshops complement the work of the Parent Carer Forum and bring another route for parents to learn more and contribute their views.

For more information on EHC Pathway click here


Nationally, Birmingham has been recognised for its work on co-production of the Local Offer website.  There is a requirement that Local Authorities must involve parent carers, children and young people in developing the Local Offer - and to clearly demonstrate how this has been done. The example of good practice from Birmingham can be found in the latest SEND Pathfinder Information Pack (Version 6 March 2015 – Local Offer):

To find the SEND Information Pack and Resources – Local Offer (March 2015) click here


Birmingham has a dedicated co-production page on their Local Offer website. This contains information on how  they have co-produced the local offer with parent carers, children and young people including links to our ‘You said, we did’ document, a co-produced local offer leaflet and videos showing how parents and young people have been involved. We have also included a graphic called ‘co-production by numbers’ which shows the statistics of,  e.g. the number of coproduction meetings that have taken place and the number of changes made to the Local Offer following the first co-production meeting.

To see Birmingham’s co-production page click here



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We are continuing to develop this website and welcome your input and contribution. If you have any comments, concerns or notice any mistakes please contact us at MCIB.marketplace@birmingham.gov.uk

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